$900 + FUEL - up to 3 people
   $1,100 + FUEL - 4 people
   $1,500 + FUEL - 5 people

   (6 or more people require additional boats)
*Rates are subject to change 
Deposits: Required to secure your reservation. We require a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. Please see our cancellation policy below for more information on cancellation fees.
   1) Name as it appears on the card
   2) Card type
   3) Credit card number
   4) Expiration date
   5) 3 security code on back of card or 4 digit on front of Amex
   6) Billing zip code
Multiple Boats:
If you require multiple boats, we have numerous guides that we book to accommodate your party. If the number in your party changes which requires an adjustment in the number of boats, you must notify Captain Jamie in writing at least 1 month prior to your trip stating the exact nature of the cancellation or addition of boats. In writing is defined as an email (jamievtaylor@gmail.com) or text message. It is YOUR responsibility to manage your reservation. You WILL be financially responsible for all boats booked for your reservation; this includes any cancellation fees incurred. See cancellation policy below.
​​​​​​​Cancellation Policy:
For any cancellation request, we ask that you cancel as soon as you are aware that you need to cancel. Cancellations will be charged as per our cancelation policy below:
   Cancel as soon as you are aware that you need to cancel.
   Cancel at least 21 Days in advance, your deposit will be credited to the next mutually agreeable date within twelve months from the date the date of cancellation.
   Cancel within 21 Days of the date of your trip, you will forfeit your deposit amount ($300 per boat scheduled per day cancelled).
   Cancel within 7 Days of the date of your trip, you will owe the entire amount of the trip. 
Weather Cancellations:
Weather cancellations are the sole discretion of the Captain.
If the weather conditions become unsafe or a hazard to fish, your trip will be rescheduled to another mutually agreeable date and your deposit will be forwarded to that day. If you are advised by the Captain of a potential weather issue and you elect to depart on your scheduled day, you are financially responsible for the full price of the trip regardless of the length or amount of fishing during the trip. Some customers book offshore days in conjunction with their inshore days. As you are booking with 2 separate companies, your offshore days are totally independent of your inshore days booked with us. An offshore cancellation does not justify a cancellation of your inshore days. By choosing to cancel your inshore days you are subject to our standard cancellation policy and are financially responsible for any cancellation fess incurred.
Emergency Cancellations:
If an emergency situation arises in which you will not be able to attend on your scheduled day/s, your trip will be rescheduled to another mutually agreeable day and your deposit will be forwarded to that day. Please contact Captain Jamie Taylor as soon as you are aware of your emergency situation.
An emergency reschedule is at the discretion of the owner of Taylor's Guide Service. 
Under these situations, we will attempt to rebook your days. however, if we can't rebook the days scheduled, your deposit will be forfeited.
Each person present on the boat must have a valid Louisiana Saltwater fishing license. It is your responsibility to obtain a license. Taylor's Guide Service will not be responsible for any ticket/fine issues in connection with you or members of your party not being licensed. If any Taylor's Guide Service equipment is confiscated due to a member of your party's lack of valid license, that person will be held financially responsible for the purchase price of the equipment. Your license can be purchased at
Taylor's Guide Service utilizes top quality fishing equipment, however sometimes that equipment does break under normal fishing conditions in which case customers will not be held 
responsible. If your equipment breaks or is lost due to your neglect or carelessness, you will be held financially responsible for the purchase price of the damaged/lost equipment.
Alcohol is permitted on the boat but intoxication is not. I want everyone to have a great time but Taylor's Guide Service will not compromise passenger safety. If your level of intoxication becomes a safety hazard, your trip will be end 
immediately. It will be the Captain's discretion when this occurs. You will be charged the full price of your trip regardless of the length of your trip.
Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted.

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